Painting waves at Caves House Hotel Yallingup

I was invited to be artist in residence on the afternoon of the official movie premier for ‘Drift’ starring Sam Worthington at the iconic Yallingup Caves House Hotel, South Western Australia, on Thursday 21st March.

Leaving Perth at 9:45 am we arrived in Dunsborough at about 12:30 in the afternoon. We had a quick bite to eat and then travelled to the hotel  where we unpacked the car and set out my easel and paintings on the stage near the restaurant/pub area.

Most areas were now cordoned off to the general public and I had to park my vehicle in the area where a bright red helicopter was parked!

There was an air of great excitement as the staff buzzed around shifting into overdrive in preparation for the 1,500 people expected to attend this exciting outdoor event.

As the pub area gradually started filling, some onlookers showed an interest in my paintings especially the surfing sunset I was working on.

The masses started arriving by the bus loads and the queue steadily swelled. The line eventually extended all the way from the parking lot at the back of the hotel, right round and down the front road entrance finally snaking its way down the red carpet to the outdoor arena. The security was tight and the crowd was well controlled and monitored.  The air was electric with anticipation as the audience, some armed with bean bags and blankets awaited the arrival of the stars. The ladies were dazzling in an array of beautiful gowns. Not to be outdone the men donned their hats and fancy coats and looked every bit as suave. A young man wearing a beanie arrived in a ‘combie’ accompanied by a petite brunette and and as they climbed out of the vehicle everyone started clapping. I wasn’t able to get a close look but judging by the people’s reaction I presume this was Xavier Samuels. This was definitely an event not to be missed as the cameras and paparazzi furiously clicked and filmed away! 

As the movie commenced my friend Merryl and I decided to pack up and then settled down for a wonderful meal outside the pub, where I had been painting. Although I did not have tickets to the premier it was wonderful to be a part of the evening in my own way.

The rumble of the movie echoed across the crisp night air as the Yallingup folk and visitors soaked up the surf!

Thank you to Steve and the staff of caves House Hotel for a wonderful day.

Painting of a surfer


About artbypaula

A free spirit expressing passion for life through artistic interpretation. I love painting, writing, music, travel and photography. I am passionate about conservation, wildlife and the desire to help preserve this wonderful planet we share.
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