RAGES – one fight unite

Since my visit to South Africa in 2012, when I was invited over to do a large painting of a rhino on World Rhino Day, nothing much has changed. The rhino are still being slaughtered at an alarming rate with more than 1000 killed in 2014 in South Africa alone. It seems that greed and corruption in the highest places is aiding poachers and buyers worldwide. It simply astonishes me that even though the rhino horn has been scientifically proved to be nothing more than keratin, which is the same compound as our finger nails, the slaughter continues.

The RAGES  – Rotarian action group for endangered species have taken the initiative in collaboration with Besureis and together they have just launched a poster campaign to raise awareness through education. This is a very exciting initiative and could have the power to make change as long as they get the support they need from the public –http://www.endangeredrag.org/  – http://www.besureis.com/

It always amazes me that issues that are so important seem to have so little support from the wider public. Is it because it is too painful to face the truth? Or do we generally just not care? Should we just file it into the too hard basket?

I have been asked several times if I don’t feel that it is just a waste of my time trying to stop the slaughtering of innocent animals on such a large scale? To this I say “Is it not better to try than just throw my hands up in resignation?”  I don’t want to reach the end of my life and know I didn’t even try. I want future generations to be able to see a rhino in the wild in their natural habitat not only in some museum showcase. We do have the power to stop this if only we can get the right people on board. People who have a high profile, people that have a voice, and will be listened to.

The RAGES group have collaborated with an incredibly talented group of musicians called Besureis to launch a poster campaign called SAY NO- ONE FIGHT UNITE. Some time back I was contacted by RAGES who requested my permission to use the image of my painting ‘Tears of the rhino’ for their logo. I of course agreed as I always wanted my painting to work for the rhino.

This year they approached me to tell me about their campaign and wanted to know if I would give permission for the image to be used for a poster. I am not only delighted but feel very honoured to be apart of this incredible journey. My painting ‘Tears of the rhino’ was born from a place deep inside me and it gives me such pleasure to know that the image is being used for such a worthy cause. Tears of the rhino is not a pretty picture of a rhino, it is confronting. It is meant to be, it is shameful, it disgusts, it evokes compassion and hopefully action.

The campaign kicked off on the 20th January with their first signature by none other than DR JANE GOODALL. What a great start and such a fitting person to honour us with her support.


The second person to sign the poster is none other than SEAL. Well if we wanted a voice we surely got one of the best! This incredibly talented man has shown his support and we are absolutely delighted.

Seal of approval!

Seal of approval


The talented musical group Besureis meet an angel – one fight unite

Please take the time to visit the Rages one fight unite campaign page and like, share and comment and lets turn this viral. You have the power so lets show the world that we can make a difference! Now is the time for action, not apathy. Now is the time to take control and make a change………

You can do this by visiting the links given, like, share, comment you have the power!         https://www.facebook.com/rages.one.fight.unite


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A free spirit expressing passion for life through artistic interpretation. I love painting, writing, music, travel and photography. I am passionate about conservation, wildlife and the desire to help preserve this wonderful planet we share.
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