Is Australia the answer to saving the rhino

Well I am delighted to say that the ‘Colour In You Life’ video is now on utube. Please check it out, share, comment and lets get the word out there and spread the word for the rhino.

1 Tears of the rhino poster

‘Tears of the rhino’ – hear my voice

I have been completely overwhelmed by the response to the video with such positive feed back. Thank you so much to all.

There have been such a lot of people who have been following the progress of the large painting that I am doing at the moment of a herd of elephants. I am loving every moment and if you would like to check it out please visit my facebook artist page. I value your feedback. Haven’t got a title for the painting yet, any suggestions?


The elephant herd stage 6 so far!

I  watched a video recently posted on facebook about sending rhinos to Australia for safe keeping. Well this is certainly thinking outside the box. I should imagine that they will have to jump through many hoops and red tape to make this happen. We certainly have the space. It of course would depend on them finding the right terrain for them to flourish and breed to build up numbers. So is Australia the answer?

It absolutely baffles me that there are so many people out there defending the rhinos with their lives,  trying so hard to save them and at the same time there are others absolutely intent on slaughtering them as fast as they can for personal gain, greed, without a shred of empathy.


In the wild where they belong

Judging by the media coverage out there, there have been many arrests and bans put into place for transporting trophies on major airlines, including Australia. This is very positive news indeed. However the crimes have also escalated ten fold!

The problem seems so complex with so much imbalance in the world and so much poverty globally. I don’t know what the answer is and it seems that no one else does either. It is so frustrating and in the mean time we are loosing wildlife at an alarming rate with know thought or caring for the outcome.

So lets shout from the roof tops, SAY NO, jump up and down, spread the word and let the power of the people stop this madness.

Freedom of the rhino- show me the way - w 180cm x h 116cm

‘Freedom of the rhino’ – show me the way


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A free spirit expressing passion for life through artistic interpretation. I love painting, writing, music, travel and photography. I am passionate about conservation, wildlife and the desire to help preserve this wonderful planet we share.
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2 Responses to Is Australia the answer to saving the rhino

  1. Colleen Laird says:

    Woke up this morning and saw that the Ellie’s are defiantly on the move…….keeping the babies safe?!

    • artbypaula says:

      Morning Colleen, yes they are on the move and will hopefully keep their babies safe! Now its our job to keep them all safe too!xxx

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