On top of the world at Grouse Mountain

When I was recently invited to exhibit my painting ‘To the Point’ with Artists for Conservation, in Vancouver, Canada, I was absolutely delighted! The painting had to be stretched, packed and sent off on another exciting journey. This painting which has not only won awards  has opened so many doors for me and taken me on such an incredible journey.

Mike Duff Grouse Mountain

Mike Duff manning the welcome table at Grouse Mountain – Thank you Mike for doing a fantastic job!

Artists for Conservation (AFC) are the world’s leading artist group supporting the environment. The AFC’s program provides an online venue for the sale of artwork with a portion of the proceeds voluntarily earmarked for a conservation organisation of the artists’ choice. The organisation only accepts 500 artists worldwide who have to go through an application process and meet certain requirements. Their “Mission  is to support wildlife and habitat conservation and environment education through art that celebrates nature.”  http://www.natureartists.com/


This years exhibition poster for the Artists For Conservation

A total of 80 artists were selected  for the live exhibition. This year the exhibition kicked off at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Vancouver, Canada on Saturday 10th Sept with the Annual Gala dinner and awards evening.  During the weekend festivities they had live demonstrations, musical performances, African drumming, slideshow presentations and a nature art walk to Stanley Park.


Margaret Moore sent me this photo of her standing in front of my painting at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Preview – Thank you Margaret

The exhibition was then moved to Grouse Mountain where the festival continued showcasing the artworks as well as film show presentations, musical performances and Youth School workshops.

Grouse Mountain Lodge

Entrance to the base of Grouse Mountain where we boarded the gondola

When I arrived in Vancouver I couldn’t wait to get to Grouse Mountain to see the exhibition. One of my ex ballet students from South Africa now resident in Vancouver came to collect us and we headed off for the mountain. As we were staying near the inner city we  had to cross over the Burrard Inlet on the  Ironworkers Memorial Bridge to get to the north shore.


View from the gondola 

We arrived at the base of grouse Mountain and took a gondola up to the Grouse Mountain resort. The excitement was palpable and the view was stunning. It was a bit cloudy when we set off but as we neared the top the clouds lifted and the Vancouver panorama just unfolded before our eyes, breath taking.

IMG_0647 IMG_9026

Such tranquility

I met with Jeffrey Whiting Founder and President of AFC who invited us to lunch so we could  get to know each other. Jeff and I hit it off as we chatted non stop (hard to believe I know) sharing  our common passion for both our art forms and the love of nature. Jeff invited me to participate in the children’s workshop and I jumped at the opportunity as education is definitely the key to preserving our world.

Jess Irene Jeff and Paula

Jess, Irene, Jeff and Paula

Jeff put together a  slide show presentation for the workshops which were conducted over a 5 day period during the exhibition festival.

The presentation was given at the Feast House, a First Nation traditional building constructed for education purposes. Grouse Mountains very own William Nahanee (Kwel-a-anexw), member of the Squamish Nation gave a traditional First Nation peoples welcome and greeting.

Jeff, a superb artist, sculptor and author conducted the first half of the slide show presentation giving a brief outline about AFC  focusing on the Bear and how his artistic passion is linked to nature conservation.


Jeff about to start his demonstration with a captured audience

I conducted the second half of the slide show, which  gave me the opportunity to talk about the rhino and the International ‘SAY NO’ Poster awareness campaign. I was also able to share my artistic passion with the children and how it is linked to conservation and endangered species.  Jeffrey and I then each gave a short demonstration of our chosen subject before the children were invited to draw the animal of their choice.  I felt so privileged to be a part of this event targeting  youth education on the environment, conservation and the roll that an artist can play to spread the word.


Not only the children gave it a go!

William Nahanee gave me the honour of wearing a traditional cape and headdress for a photo.

William and Paula

William Nahanee and Paula

This platform also gave me a wonderful opportunity to talk about the  worldwide poster campaign, a global movement  launched  in London this year, using the image of one of my  paintings titled ‘Tears of the rhino’. This campaign ‘One Fight Unite SAY NO’ headed by Duke Ingram from Besureis in conjunction with Rotary Coolamon Eastern Australia will be ongoing and is focusing on endangered species. The Patron of the Rotary Action Group is Dr Jane Goodall.

Say NO 01

The One Fight Unite Say No Poster

To date some of the high profile people that have come on board to show their support are: Dr Jane Goodall, Sir David Attenborough, Seal, Brian May (Queen), Kevin Richardson, Jeremy Irons, Jean Claude Van Damme, David Gillmore, Ricky Gervais and Russel Brand to name a few. Some of our home grown conservationists such as Nicholas Duncan from the Save African Rhino Foundation in Perth, John and Angie Lemon from the Painted Dog Conservation, Bob Brown and Damien Mander from the Anti-Poaching Foundation have all signed the poster giving their support to the campaign. If you wish to find out more about the campaign please visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rages.one.fight.unite/?fref=ts

Here are a few of the latest people to sign the poster.  A huge thank you for your support for the campaign!

45 Jeremy Irons (2)

Jeremy Irons

48 Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

49 John and Angie Lemon PDFoundation

Angie and John Lemon

46 Martin Potter-Kelly Slater-Owen Wright

Kelly Slater


Russell Brand

I am delighted to announce my proposed 2016 African Safari to raise funds for the Save Foundation for Rhino conservation. Places are limited so if you wish to be a part of this incredible tour please contact Paula for more info asap: paulaw_art@hotmail.com or contact Nicholas Duncan and mention Paula’s safari:  save@savefoundation.org.au

Up close and personal!

Up close and personal!

“Being invited to participate in this years international exhibition was such a privilege and honour for me, not only as an artist but to share my passion for the amazing world we live in. I  met some wonderful like-minded people and even saw my very first grizzly bears! Some of the highlights of my trip were visiting the Capalano Suspension Bridge, Art Gallery of Vancouver, Bill Reid Gallery, Butchart Gardens on the Island of Victoria, Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium as well as visiting the beautiful Saturna Island.”

Grouse Mountains famous resident bears Coola and Grinder

IMG_0740 IMG_8985 IMG_8999

Paula is resident in Dunsborough, South West Australia and is represented by The Studio Gallery Yallingup and The Monet Gallery Guildford.

Paula has a studio/gallery at home and her work is available for viewing by appointment.

Contact Email: paulaw_art@hotmail.com                Tel Paula: +61410423433


About artbypaula

A free spirit expressing passion for life through artistic interpretation. I love painting, writing, music, travel and photography. I am passionate about conservation, wildlife and the desire to help preserve this wonderful planet we share.
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