Can one person make a difference?

This is a question I ask myself all the time. Sometimes one gets so consumed by all the negativity that surrounds us on social media, in fact in most places that its difficult to find the light!

But we have choices. We can choose to see the glass half full or empty for that matter.

Trying to stay positive amidst the negativity is challenging and some days the weight can be enormous.

So do we as mere mortals sit back and just let it all happen or do we make a stand?

I am an ordinary person who chose to stand up and be a voice for our endangered wildlife.

I am an artist and by no means an expert on wildlife but I have a passion and a drive to fight for change.

Wildlife crime is out of control. Human greed is out of control. Poverty is out of control so where do we begin? Why fight for wildlife or any animal when humans are starving?

Isn’t every creature that inhabits this planet equally important? Is a human more important than an elephant?

I choose to think that we are all connected in some way by an invisible thread. When one of these threads is broken can this not in turn affect every other thread?

This brings me to my next topic and that is fund raising for charities and causes

There are so many organizations out there that it boggles the mind. It also appears that there are equally illegitimate organisations as legitimate ones! This makes it extremely hard to raise funds.

There are so many artists out there generously donating their artworks in good faith and equally as many organizations and charities freely accepting them. These artists can so easily be taken advantage of and need to make sure that when donating their work that they are being given for legitimate causes.

I have been donating artworks for more than 10 years to organizations for conservation fund raising, which I have done freely and willingly. Yet very seldom does one ever get any feed back and if indeed the painting was actually sold or not. The amount of time, effort and cost that goes into a painting varies for each piece and each artist.Weaving a piece of themselves into each piece they create, hoping just hoping that their work will carry their message. In my case awareness for the voiceless.

The ups and downs of social media

A very interesting observation about social media is that there are many people out there who are willing to comment, give advise be it good or bad and even more willing to bring you down. Why do humans feel the need to do this?

However there are very few who are prepared to put their money where their mouth is when push comes to shove! I am not criticizing but making an observation. Unless there is a high profile figure attached to draw attention or some obscure draw card no one is interested.

No matter what the future holds I will continue to fight for endangered species and my only hope is that we will all band together to take care of this planet. After all we are the caretakers and from what I can see we seem to be failing in so many ways! Maybe the next generation will do a better job?

You thoughts and comments are welcome.


About artbypaula

A free spirit expressing passion for life through artistic interpretation. I love painting, writing, music, travel and photography. I am passionate about conservation, wildlife and the desire to help preserve this wonderful planet we share.
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