Selling art online

2 - Elephant

‘Don’t mess with me’ – oil on canvas on board

Would you buy art online? It seems many do. I would love to get your thoughts on this subject.

It appears that there are more artists around than ever before, or is it just my imagination? Or is it because we are just more exposed on social media?

I want to try a little experiment to see if having a blog, facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin etc all work or is it only about the time you spend on the computer, phone etc inputting data and photos?

Touch of 2

‘Touch of Tanamu’ – pastel on colourfix paper

I am not a tech expert and would like nothing more than to spend all my time in my studio painting! However I seem to be spending more time than ever before on my computer! Don’t get me wrong I love that the world has become a much smaller place and that we are able to connect with people from all over the world at a click of a button!

Are other artists interested in meeting other artists online? I know that the competition is fierce out there but is it really necessary? Art is so subjective and I feel that every painting has its audience. It’s just a matter of finding it!

So here is the challenge this week for me! I  am inviting you to visit my online page:

If you are willing please choose your favourite paintings by clicking on the heart icon and follow me if you so wish. You will be asked to register but this is more about making sure that you are real!

In this way firstly I will see which of my paintings connect most with a wider audience. Secondly I will see if this experiment actually works!

Kimberley Moonshine

‘Kimberley moonshine’ – acrylic on canvas

I look forward to seeing your reaction! Please join me and feel free to comment and leave feedback! Here we go, off on a magical media tour!

About artbypaula

A free spirit expressing a passion for life through artistic interpretation. I love painting, writing, music, travel and photography. I am passionate about conservation, wildlife and the desire to help preserve this wonderful planet we share.
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