Selling and buying art online


43- Window to the soul

‘Window to the soul’ acrylic on canvas

Selling art online has never been easier with so many galleries to choose from. Some of these online galleries require a subscription fee and others don’t. Each gallery take a commission which varies. Some offer to handle all the shipping, factoring the prices into to the selling price and others don’t.

Art is now more accessible than ever before and the choice is abundant.

Who buys art online?  Do people in general feel more at ease in their homes viewing the art online where they can easily imagine it hanging on their wall? Do they feel less intimidated and pressured? Or do people prefer to visit a gallery where all the art is already hanging beautifully presented with a curator they can talk to to discuss their needs?

Does the online gallery have a place without encroaching on the more conventional gallery or do each have their own place?

6 Branch manager sml

‘Branch manager’ oil on canvas , available @studiogallery , Yallingup Western Australia

As an artist I am continually looking for outlets to exhibit my wok to as broad an audience as possible

I have exhibited in numerous local collaborative exhibitions, art awards, auctions as well as solo exhibitions. I have participated in exhibitions in London, Canada, USA, South Africa and China. I am represented by Galleries and online Galleries and sell my work in all.

There is now more competition than ever before and it seems that every second person you meet an artist. Every artist is inspired to create for different reasons. Each one drawing their motivation from varying avenues.

So what drives an artist to do what they do? It can be a very solitary existence spending hour upon hour in a studio isolated from the outside world? Is it the need to pursue perfection? Or is it purely the therapeutic benefits of the creative process? Or is it financial?

2 Sataosml.jpg

‘Memories of the Serengeti’ oil on canvas available on @saatchiart plus @bluethumbart

I hope that my blog today will stimulate conversation to find out what makes you tick both as an artist and or client. What works for you? Are you selling frequently or doesn’t it feature high on your radar? Why do you buy art?

I am inviting the reader, artist or non artist to follow the link below to an online Gallery I joined a year ago. Please click on the heart icon next to the paintings that appeal to you. If you like what you see please feel free to pass on via facebook, twitter and or other. This is one way I am able to see the paintings that have the most appeal and connect with the audience.

The link is:


Just some of my brushes!

For me as a full time artist the hardest part is the marketing. One has to spend so many hours on the computer, taking the perfect photo of your work which then has to be edited, cropped, sized and finally ready for uploading. All the writing of blurbs, statements etc. Getting your CV and Bios up to date and then when you are ready uploading it to the gallery. So if your computer skills are not up to date and your knowledge of social media is limited your are stuffed!

Sometimes I get really confused and it scrambles my brain with all these questions that differ from day to day, like right now it feels like its about to explode (My brain that is lol)

Looking forward to an engaged discussion with you all about your thoughts on selling and buying art online! Your trials and tribulations of being an artist today with the demands of technological knowledge required along with everything else that is needed to be successful in today’s world!

Wishing you all a fantastic day of creativity doing what makes you happy!

I can see clearly nowsml

‘I can see clearly now’ oil on canvas available @applexart Western Australia




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A free spirit expressing a passion for life through artistic interpretation. I love painting, writing, music, travel and photography. I am passionate about conservation, wildlife and the desire to help preserve this wonderful planet we share.
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